NEN was engaged by Glenvill to assist with the development of a private electricity embedded network (EN) at the Yarrabend precinct.

Glenvill Homes
Year Completed
2021 – 2022
Melbourne, Victoria
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Glenvill had previously engaged other suppliers to assist with the design and construction of a private electricity embedded network (EN) at the Yarrabend precinct site.  During the project a number of issues were found including the need by the City of Yarra to have Jemena (utility) accept the converted EN as an ongoing solution.  During the course of the project, various issues with the embedded network were identified, including the need for City of Yarra approval and the conversion of the network to meet the utilities requirements. NEN provided detailed information and conducted independent inspections to reduce risk and ensure compliance. Additionally, we assisted in breaking out contestable works for Glenvill to manage directly, and successfully negotiated commercial terms, including shared costs and a rebate for incremental revenue.


NEN delievered a seamless solution for Yarrabend by providing a site-wide electrical strategy and managing the installation according to the strategy. The strategy included a plan to move to Jemena assets only in public roads, a HV feeder strategy, LV EN within stage boundaries, and a budget for implementation. NEN also acted as the primary representative and manager for the developer, provided project management and coordination, attended design meetings, reviewed services design, and managed the overall program for electrical infrastructure.

In addition, NEN reviewed the current embedded network arrangement and provided advice on compliance risks and commercial viability, as well as managed the Jemena connection/offer process and the procurement and installation of required Jemena feeders.

NEN’s efforts de-risked the project and provided a conservative $13M estimated savings to Glenvill Homes.


Our work for this client included:

  • Electrical design, drafting and reviews
  • Site wide electrical strategy
  • Staging plan and program
  • Budget planning
  • Onsite coordination
  • Management / executive summary and advice
  • Negotiation with utilities
  • Project management
  • Risk management and mitigation strategies
  • Compliance management

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