Nerissa Wood

Project Manager

Nerissa is an Electrical Engineer/Project Manager with a proven history of delivering, reviewing, assessing, and coordinating all aspects of the project lifecycle. 

Nerissa brings extensive experience to all projects she works on, having worked within the utilities and public transport sectors for 25 years.  Nerissa has an extensive network of strong relationships across both industries and offers a reputation as being resourceful and helpful.

Nerissa is a logical thinker with strong critical thinking skills and has an astute ability to spot efficiency opportunities and improve existing processes.

Core Competencies
  • Stakeholder management
  • Project management
  • Substation developments, operational and infrastructure upgrades for a range of applications including public transport, educational institutions and more.
  • Rail and tram / public sector experience
  • Electricity Distribution Network experience
  • Electrical utility connections
  • Economic modelling assessments for embedded electrical networks
  • Managed electrical utility connections for multiple projects including Glenvill Bellfield development
  • Oversaw development of an economic model for future embedded electrical networks for Homes Victoria
  • Reviewed and/or approved electrical designs for multiple projects including Port Hedland Marina project, Glenvill Yarrabend Artisan park development and works across NEN Consulting have provided across the Victorian DNSPs
  • Managed multiple underground and overhead distribution projects within the Network Initiated team throughout the FEED (Development) and Delivery phases including management of safety and individual site conditions in line with utility requirements
  • Producing costs savings (approx. %5 of project value) by reviewing constructability of various augmentation projects