Rail Projects Victoria – Metro Tunnel Project


NEN Consulting provided commercial and technical support and advice to negotiate transmission connection agreements with AEMO and Ausnet Transmission servicing Melbourne’s Metro Tunnel Rail Project (MTP).

Project budget: ~$6B


Major Transport Infrastructure Authority

Year Completed

2019 – Ongoing


Melbourne, Victoria


One of the primary challenges faced by the project was sourcing 60MVA of long-term, reliable power for the construction and operation of the MTP. To address this challenge, Rail Projects Victoria (RPV) engaged NEN Consulting to provide regulatory advice and lead commercial negotiations with various stakeholders, including the Department of Transport, Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO), Ausnet Services, the project’s construction consortium, rail operator, and maintenance contractors.


NEN Consulting provided clear and concise advice on the connection and regulatory process.  The NEN team lled the commercial negotiations alongside RPV’s project management, legal and construction consortium team with AEMO, Ausnet and Metro Trains Melbourne.  From the outset, NEN was able to bring the various project requirements and stakeholders together in the form required to ensure the connection negotiations were expedited.  The team worked hard to ensure risks were well understood, managed and mitigated, and that RPV could demonstrate strong value for money and return on investment. 


Our work for this client included:

  • Regulatory advice including but not limited to:
    • Transmission Connection Process
    • Connection and Tariff charges and policies
    • Embedded network regulation
    • AEMO Registration
    • Load shedding
  • Preparation of engineering technical schedules and managing the development of detailed technical data
  • Economic connection cost and tariff charge modelling
  • Risk assessments and risk management plans
  • Key interface management
  • Key technical issue management 
  • Engineering design issue resolution
  • Commercial negotiation
  • Development of safety and operating protocols
  • Executive sign off papers and approvals

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