Rail Projects Victoria – Geelong Fast Rail (GFR)


NEN’s specialist pipeline team provided technical leadership and lead the engagement with Viva for the relocation and protection of their licensed fuel pipelines associated with the Geelong Fast Rail Project

Project budget: ~$6B


Major Transport Infrastructure Authority

Year Completed



Melbourne, Victoria


NEN Consulting’s specialist pipeline team was enlisted to support the Geelong Fast Rail, which had an impact on several utilities, including Viva’s licensed fuel pipelines (WOPL, BOPL, and WAG). NEN was responsible for managing the design process, coordinating with the rail development teams and the technical regulators (DELWP and ESC) for the relocation and protection of Viva’s fuel pipelines while engaging with Viva throughout the project.


The project’s success was attributed to the NEN Consulting team’s ability to collaborate seamlessly with Rail Projects Victoria and integrate into their project teams. This enabled smooth and seamless project management support, specialist and multidisciplinary technical expertise and leadership in obtaining statutory approvals. 

NEN Consulting efficiently coordinated the project requirements, expedited negotiations with Viva, and secured necessary statutory approvals in a cost-effective manner. Additionally, NEN Consulting played a crucial role in identifying and mitigating project risks and effectively coordinating and managing project budgets.


Our work for this client included:

  • Technical advice including but not limited to:
    • Specialist pipeline design including route selection and constructability assessments. 
    • Defining field investigation requirements including aerial imagery capture, lidar, survey, service locating, pipeline integrity assessments (for hot tapping and tie-ins), geotechnical and contamination assessments.
    • Specialist advice on pipeline decommissioning and removal including the handling of hazardous materials
    • Pipeline encroachments assessments
    • Pipeline risk workshop facilitation
  • Regulatory advice including but not limited to:
    • Pipeline licensing
    • Land access and authority to survey
    • Pipeline easement acquisition
    • Pipeline License variation/amendments
  • Key interface management
  • Key technical issue management 
  • Engineering design issue resolution
  • Commercial negotiation
  • Executive sign-off papers and approvals 

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