Sunshine Systems Alliance – Melbourne Airport Rail (MAR)


NEN’s specialist Utility Management team was engaged by Sunshine Systems Alliance (SSA) to provide technical representation of critical utility assets being designed for relocation or protection along the Sunshine to Albion Station of the Melbourne Airport Rail project.  

This brownfield portion of the project alignment as expected revealed numerous other sub-surface assets that required treatment options to be developed and agreed by respective utility asset owners.

Project budget: $8-13B


Sunshine Systems Aliance

Year Completed

2022 – Ongoing

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NEN Consulting’s Utility Management team was engaged by Sunshine Systems Alliance (SSA) provide to technical representation of critical utility assets being designed for relocation or protection along the Sunshine to Albion Station.  Initial utility assessments were based on the original MAR reference design which as detailed designs progressed additional considerations arose to cater for Combined Services Routes (CSR), Communication Equipment Rooms (CER), Electrolysis, civil temporary works designs as well as an array of public and private lighting assets.

Additionally, as designs progressed to IFC several asset owners and ARO’s (ARTC, MTM, V/Line & VicTrack) granted their design approvals with conditions to ensure implementations would not adversely impact safety standards or operational services to their Customers.

Within the MAR alignment two (2) ESC licensed pipelines, a ExxonMobil Jet Fuel line and Ausnet Gas Transmission line had specific design & construction safe working separation constraints reinforced through the Safety Management Studies (SMS).

NEN was the SSA Utilities point of reference of more than 120 utility assets identified for relocation or protection, providing key interface with Asset Owner and alliance engineers during the design stage and importantly establishing the construction strategy for each of the assets, many within complex brownfield established sites.


The NEN Consulting team added value to SSA by being fully emersed into the design & construction teams and offering daily direction to the various utility centric requirements in a collaborative, steady and unambiguous manner to the Alliance parties and ultimately RPV and at times streamlining utility owner reviews, approvals or permits to work.

The construction strategies and sequencing of works, especially in the planning phase,  mitigated several instances where multiple work fronts were likely to clash causing unnecessary rework delays and cost impacts.

NEN Consulting played an instrumental role at a strategic level influencing designs and construction planning & cost estimates as well as leading by example “rolling up their sleeves” to create the work packs, apply for permits, lead procurement supplier screening, supervising critical stages on site works, communicating – all seamlessly as a valued partner to MAR SSA.


Our work for this client included:

  • Technical advice including but not limited to:
    • Specialist utility relocation or protection treatments of assets inline with AS5488 or specific utility owner requirements
    • Design developments from Reference designs to detailed IFC packs
    • Specialist advice on critical temporary work design developments around critical utility assets such as HV, LV, Telco banks and water mains
    • New utility supplies for electricity, water & sewer
    • Lighting for public spaces and managing lighting requirements for DoT roads


  • Key interface management with Utility Owner representatives, Designers and various construction teams
  • Key technical issue management
  • Master scheduling and sequencing of utility relocations works

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