Landfill Solar Farm Development


NEN Consulting was engaged by the Mitchell Shire Council to develop a feasibility report for a solar farm at the former Seymour Landfill site. The project, which commenced in 2023, aims to significantly contribute to the Council’s ambitious target of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. The feasibility study conducted by NEN Consulting focused on maximizing the potential of the landfill site for sustainable energy production, targeting an initial energy offset of the entirety of the council’s electricity consumption, approximately 2856 MWh, a critical step towards cleaner energy and community sustainability.



Mitchell Shire Council & MBB

Year Completed

2023 – Ongoing


Seymour, Victoria


The challenge of constructing a solar farm on a landfill site was a complex task requiring specialized knowledge and innovative solutions. The site’s history as a landfill presented unique challenges in terms of soil stability, environmental safety, and regulatory compliance. NEN Consulting’s role was instrumental in navigating these complexities, ensuring that the solar farm design adhered to stringent environmental standards while optimizing energy production. 

Their approach involved a meticulous assessment of the site’s geotechnical properties, understanding the implications of landfill gas emissions, and ensuring the protection of local flora and fauna, thereby setting a high standard for future renewable energy projects on rehabilitated land.



NEN Consulting’s comprehensive approach included:

  • Detailed feasibility assessment and concept design to guide the Council’s decision-making.
  • Engagement with vendors for site suitability and equipment analysis.
  • Coordination with regulatory bodies for environmental and planning requirements.
  • Preliminary risk assessment to address potential project viability concerns.
  • Development of a concept design for optimal panel placement and solar farm layout.
  • Financial modeling to evaluate the impact of incorporating a Battery Energy Storage System for consistent financial returns.
  • Exploring expansion opportunities at a second operational landfill site



Services provided included:

  • Advising on applicable guidelines, legislation, and development approvals.
  • Site suitability analysis and yield estimates.
  • Engineering and design documentation with preliminary concept design.
  • Energy and financial modeling.
  • Business case development with scenario analysis.
  • Preparing documentation for Request for Quote/Tender packages.
  • Initiating the grid connection process.


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