Department of Transport - Energy Strategy


NEN Consulting was tasked by the Department of Transport (DoT) to produce a game-changing AC power planning report. The report’s goal was to explore the feasibility of offsetting energy usage of existing metropolitan trains with renewable sources.

In addition, the report also explored different options to augment the existing electricity connections to minimise the overall electricity costs associated with operating the public transport train network.


Project budget: ~$1M


Department of Transport – Victorian State government

Year Completed


Melbourne, Victoria


The report needed to consider sustainable solutions including sourcing energy from various renewable types. It also needed to adequately analyse the existing Victorian electricity transmission network and a potential topology to streamline the electrical supply to the rail network. NEN Consulting created a ranking profile to determine the most preferred solutions as well as some potential connection locations.


This project undertaken by NEN Consulting for the Department of Transport (DoT) is a shining example of innovative thinking in the public transport sector. The AC power planning report commissioned by DoT showcases NEN Consulting’s expertise in renewable energy sources and cost-effective solutions.

Not only did the report explore the feasibility of using renewable energy sources, it also identified several ways to augment existing electricity connections and reduce overall energy costs in operating the public transport train network. These measures demonstrate the need for the transportation industry to prioritise sustainable solutions and pave the way for a greener future.

By partnering with an expert consultancy firm such as NEN Consulting, the DoT was able to make informed decisions and achieve its goal of reducing energy costs while promoting sustainable practices. This project is an excellent example of how government departments can collaborate with an industry expert like NEN to achieve common goals and make significant strides towards a sustainable future.


Our work for this client included:

  • Options analysis of various electricity connection supply voltages and locations for potential connections 
  • Regulatory advice including but not limited to:
    • Connection charges and policies
    • Tariff charges
  • Network topology development
  • Design interface between rail and transmission electricity networks
  • Options analysis of renewable solutions including battery and solar modelling
  • Key interface management
  • Key technical issue management
  • Project development processes

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