Ballarat Base Hospital



NEN provided invaluable assistance to VHBA in their review of the grid connection requirements for Ballarat Base Hospital, resulting in substantial savings on grid connection costs with the electricity utility. Our expertise allowed us to identify optimal solutions and strategies that delivered efficient outcomes for VHBA; a solution that met their objectives while also reducing costs.

Project budget:  > $500M


Victorian Health Building Authority

Year Completed
Ballarat, Victoria
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VHBA’s project manager faced significant challenges when dealing with the Utility’s proposed charges for an 11kv, ~10MVA connection to supply their project. The project manager had limited time to work within and was experiencing difficulties obtaining relevant information from the Utility to obtain the necessary internal approvals. Moreover, VHBA was apprehensive that the Utility’s scope and associated charges might not align with their project’s requirements.


NEN reviewed the project’s internal electrical design and utility scope and capacity requirements.   We provided a clear and concise management report outlining the regulation and connection charge framework applicable to the Utility.

We then developed an escalation strategy and directly supported VHBA in negotiations with the utility to ensure that the project requirements, utility scope and associated connection offer was fit for purpose.   Our efforts ultimately resulted in significant cost savings for VHBA and enabled the VHBA project manager to avoid delays to their project schedule and associated delay costs. 


Our work for this client included:

  • Design review
  • Review of maximum demand forecast
  • Technical Utility scope engineering review
  • Cost estimation
  • Economic modelling and tariff analysis
  • Regulatory advice relating to:
    • Connection charges
    • Connection offers
    • Management / executive summary and advice
    • Negotiation with utilities

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