Spoilbank Marina - Lighting and Power Supply Design


AIE tasked NEN Consulting (in collaboration with Public Lighting Design) to design cutting-edge electrical and lighting blueprints for Pilbara’s highly-anticipated $187 million marina, located in Port Hedland. Once construction wraps up, the marina will be operated and owned by Pilbara Port Authority.

The ambitious project will be nestled alongside the largest bulk export port in the world and has been designed to breathe new life into Port Hedland’s west end, by creating a cultural and social epicentre.

Set to offer a stunning waterfront promenade, swimming beach, publicly accessible breakwaters with pedestrian paths, and open spaces for recreation and events, including a unique cultural gathering space, the centrepiece of the marina will be a 22-boat pen facility, complete with a four-lane boat ramp. NEN Consulting’s comprehensive electrical and lighting plans will be integral in ensuring this multi-faceted development runs seamlessly from day one.

Project Budget: $187.5 million


AIE & Pilbara Port Authority

Year Completed



Spoilbank Recreation Reserve, Port Hedland, Western Australia

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As part of the brief to create a comprehensive lighting plan for the new marina, there was a crucial need to protect the breeding grounds of the flatback turtle, a species native to the Pilbara’s Northwest Shelf. The nearby beach is their nesting site, and natural light plays a crucial role in ensuring that both the adult turtles and hatchlings can navigate safely back to the ocean. Given the significance of these creatures and the importance of preserving their habitat, it was vital for the design to incorporate eco-friendly solutions to mitigate any potential harm caused by the new marina.

The electrical design also needed to follow local authorities’ requirements including  flood-level design and adhere to the tight space constrictions and movement requirements of the floating pontoons which could shift elevations (and therefore cable lengths) depending on the tides.


Public Lighting Design provided an elegant and thoughtful lighting solution that prioritized the safety of all users, including the local marine ecosystem. By utilising directional lighting and turtle-friendly amber-colored LEDs integrated into handrails and service pillars, the lighting plan was able to minimise its impact on the natural surroundings. 


Meanwhile, NEN Consulting developed a discreet power supply solution that minimised disruption to the site’s scenic beauty and could be contained within the floating pontoons, connecting to the relevant boat supply pylon points spread down the marina.  Utilising marine equipment, bending cables and marine-specific design techniques, a solution was delivered that minimised disruption to the site’s scenic beauty while providing the necessary power infrastructure. 

The Spoilbank Marina is anticipated for completion in 2023. 


Our work for this client included:

  • Electrical engineering and design
  • Project management
  • Public lighting design
  • Environmentally friendly energy design and lighting solutions 
  • Cable runs and power supply configuration

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